Phone system types

Business Phone System Types

If you’re on the lookout for a new business phone system or system upgrade, you’ve likely realized by now that phone system types vary greatly. A small business or startup company may begin with a single line phone system and soon expand to a multi-line phone system with 4 lines, 10 lines, or more.

And the differences don’t stop there. A business will be presented with a number of options in a basic phone system, including a standard PBX internal phone to connect all staff members, an intercom phone to communicate with employee extensions, or an automated phone system to route calls automatically without the need for a receptionist.

What types of business phone systems are available?

Before you can move on to the key features that your business needs in a phone system, it helps to understand the basics of office phone system types, including:

  • KSU: KSU stands for Key System Unit, also available keyless. A KSU-less phone system is a standard telephone that can be used in a small office with less than 10 employees. A KSU phone system can support a small business with 5-75 employees, offering a hybrid of key telephone and PBX features.
  • PBX: Most large businesses with more than 75 employees rely on a PBX phone system. A PBX system is versatile and can support more complex communication processes in a large company. Although a PBX phone system may cost more upfront, it is easily customizable to grow with a business.
  • VoIP: The newest business phone system technology connects directly to the Internet to communicate seamlessly with multiple offices or remote employees. A VoIP system may be traditional or hosted; a hosted VoIP system is convenient since phone equipment is hosted through a third-party provider, although it may cost more than a traditional VoIP setup.

Don’t let the terminology scare you off. These helpful guides can get you up to speed in no time. And when you’re ready to talk to a supplier, just fill out our quote request form to get connected immediately.

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