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You can email, IM, Tweet, and chat all you want — but your business still needs a high-quality phone system. You may only need a few lines to handle calls with vendors and clients, or you may need a full-fledged call center to handle inbound orders or technical support, but whatever your telecommunications needs, the business phone system you choose will be at the center of it all.

Don’t get stuck with a phone system that can’t grow with you as your business expands. Working with a qualified phone system dealer, you should be able to find a system that’s affordable yet ready for upgrades when needed. You also might need integration with call center or CRM software, cell phones, and other equipment, so make sure the dealer you choose can account for all your needs.

In addition, you’ll have to make sure that the dealer you choose is ready and able to provide top-quality service and respond to any problems that come up. Thorough research and comparing customized price quotes will ensure you’ve made the right call.

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