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Compare Business Phone System Brands

For a business, a phone system is the gateway to communication. It may be the first form of contact that you have with a customer or client. For this purpose alone, choosing the right business phone system is of the utmost importance.

If a business implements a phone system that is too small for a company, customer service will suffer; if a business purchases a phone system that is too large, a company’s budget will be spent unnecessarily.

How to choose from top business phone system brands on the market

As a business owner on the search for a phone system, you may be wondering where to begin. We’ve taken the time-consuming process of reading through thousands of resources and reviews, and simplified it in these great brand spotlight articles.

Please use this as your researching starting point and when you’re ready, fill out our quote request form to get connected immediately.

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Cisco logo

A top brand like Cisco caterers specifically to small businesses, allowing small companies to save money with an automated phone system that eliminates the need for a receptionist.

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NEC logo

NEC is a popular phone system brand for growing businesses as they offer bundled phone systems that can expand with the needs of a startup company.

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Nortel logo

Nortel is a brand that offers easily customizable business phone systems that can be tailored to fit into a company’s communication and IT infrastructure.

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ESI logo

A brand like ESI also offers small business phone solutions that can be integrated with software to provide additional features, like incoming call and voicemail management, contact organization, and call logging from desktop computers.

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toshiba logo

Toshiba has always been an innovator in providing quality at affordable prices in the realm of electronics, but their push towards being a “one-stop-shop” for voice over internet protocol has been a giant leap in the right direction.

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Shortel logo

ShoreTel is a forward looking company that strives for complete unification of all communication outlets, including cellular, browser, IM, and in-house/remote telephones.

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