esi_200x60ESI Telephone Systems for Small Business

Estech Systems, Inc. (ESI) is an independent US manufacturer with more than 27 years of experience providing phone system solutions for small and medium sized businesses. Founded in 1987, ESI has become an industry leader in both on-premise and cloud-based telephone systems, and they rightfully pride themselves in being able to deliver the end-to-end communication tools businesses need to stay competitive in today’s fast paced global marketplace. Their emphasis on innovation and cutting edge technologies has placed them at the forefront of the industry, and they remain dedicated to bringing powerful communication solutions to the modern office environment. Working with a select network of resellers and representatives, ESI has delivered highly efficient and affordable telephone systems to more the 350,000 businesses throughout the country.

Intuitive and Easy to Use

ESI understands that modern businesses need modern communication solutions to keep them productive and profitable, and to that end they have developed a series of office phone systems that are not only powerful and feature rich, but also intuitive and easy to use. ESI’s on-premise and cloud-based phone systems offer a variety of administrative tools that make it easy to monitor and manage incoming and outgoing communications, all through a single centralized web-based dashboard. Phone lines can be added and/or reassigned with the click of a mouse, and office staff will find the functions and features on their desktop phones intuitive and easy to master. ESI, and their network of representatives, provide full installation and on-site training to ensure that you and your employees are fully at ease with all of the state of the art features included with your new office phone system. Moreover, users can access an embedded tutorial that can answer frequently asked questions and offer custom help when needed.

Reliable Performance

Since their founding in 1987, ESI has received numerous awards and accolades for their products and services. They were voted Teleconnect Product of the Year in 2000, and have won endorsements and recommendations from various trade journals, including Computer Telephony and Small Business Computing. ESI’s full range of phone system products, from servers to desktop telephones and mobile handsets, are recognized for their high performance specs and durability, and the company stands behind their products with a full five-year warranty.

Versatile Product Lines

ESI’s unique approach to business telecommunications is built around its single server technology. ESI’s communication servers are available in in four basic models (the ESI-50, ESI-100, ESI-200, and ESI-1000), all off which can support a traditional business phone system, a fully integrated IP-based telephony system, or a combination of both. ESI’s servers are exceptionally advanced and highly scalable, so they can grow with your business. Built in redundancy and security features ensure constant connectivity, minimizing the possibility of costly downtime. In addition to their full range of communication servers, ESI has its own line of purpose built desktop telephones and mobile handsets that are designed to maximize office productivity and improve communication efficiency.

The Features Businesses Need to Succeed

ESI’s single server technology makes upgrading your office phone system extremely cost effective without sacrificing any of the features businesses need to succeed in a competitive marketplace. ESI’s business phone systems deliver a wide range of features, with additional options that allow for full customization of your communications infrastructure. From standard phone features like call waiting and call switching to advanced telecommunications services that help you market your business via your communications strategy ESI delivers more than one might expect from a competitively priced telephone system. Consider some of the many features available with an ESI office phone system:

  • Enhanced caller ID
  • Voice mail
  • Intelligent call forwarding
  • Automated attendant supporting 6 levels and 100 branches
  • Automatic call distribution routes callers to their desired destination
  • On hold messages can be customized to promote specific products and services
  • Live call recording
  • Support for IP phones, softphones, and digital enhanced cordless phones

ESI telecommunications systems can also be augmented with a number of optional features that further enhance office productivity:

  • ESI Presence Management – This enhanced feature offers call control. Entrance security, and real-time tracking of employees’ performance
  • ESI Link – An exclusive multi-site solution that allows businesses to interconnect any number of ESI phone systems into one inclusive telecommunications set-up
  • Remote IP Technology – Supports mobile phone communication, and allows remote workers to remain connected to the office phone system

Customer Service

All of ESI’s equipment comes with a full five-year warranty, which easily betters many of their chief competitors. Technical support is available by email and phone, with knowledgeable representatives available to answer users questions and troubleshoot any performance issues. Unfortunately, live online chat is not currently available, and representatives can only be reached during standard business hours. Still, ESI’s customer support is fairly impressive, and response times are some of the best in the industry.

Pricing an ESI Phone System

ESI offers some of the most affordable office phone systems on the market. With low installation and configuration costs, ESI is able to deliver a cost effective alternative to traditional telephone services. Their exclusive inbuilt management features further reduces costs by eliminating the need for a full time on-site IT team.

ESI 50L (best suited to small businesses)Server only, with support for up to 40 stations$600 – $1,000
ESI 50 (best suited to small businesses)Single server with support for 52 stations, including 32 digital, 12 IP and 8 analog$1,500
ESI 100 (best suited for small to medium sized business)Supports ip to 192 stations (digital, IP, & analog), with an additional 24 voicemail and conference ports$1,600 – $2,000
ESI 200 (best suited for medium sized business)Supports 72 IP stations, 48 digital stations, and 28 analog stations$2,000 – $2,500
ESI 600 (applicable to larger business environments)Supports a combination of 408 IP stations, 336 IP stations, and 188 analog stations. Additional features include 32 voicemail ports (with 1200 hours of voice storage) and 64 conference ports$3,500
ESI 1000 (applicable to large, multi-site, businesses)Supports up 1,128 processing points, including 240 central office lines$4,000 +

ESI telephone terminals must be purchased separately, with prices running from $125 for a basic 12-key desktop phone to upwards of $200 for a 48-key digital feature phone. Keep in mind, total costs for server and phones can often be reduced when purchased as a bundle, and most of ESI’s network of sellers routinely offer complete office packages that provide even greater savings for their customers.

Naturally, there is much to consider when choosing any office phone system, and while cost is always an important factor it should by no means be the only one. When comparing business phone systems, be sure to look beyond the price, and investigate the features and options that are available with an eye toward how they will enhance and support your business model. Consider the ease with which the system can be integrated into your office environment, and the learning curve your employees will have to master in order to reap the full reward of your investment. Finally, think about the future, and ask yourself if the phone system you are considering offers the technical support and scalability you need to improve your office productivity and take your business to the next level.

How to get the best price on ESI telephone systems

While ESI offers an impressive suite of small business communications technology, it always makes sense to compare offers from several dealers so you can wind up with the best deal. Try our free pricing tool to compare prices between ESI and other phone system dealers.