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Nortel has had a long history in the communications industry. Founded in 1895 as Northern Electric and Manufacturing, the company led the way in developing innovative communications solutions for the modern world. They were instrumental in the creation of the one-wire telegraphic switch (vital to the Allies in WW1), vacuum tubes for long distance calling, and the electromagnet switches that laid the groundwork for push-button dialing. As the telephony industry evolved, Northern Electric changed its name to Nortel, continuing to push the boundaries by helping to develop the ‘always-on’ internet connection, wireless calling, and the VOIP phone system. By the turn of the last century Nortel had become one of the premier suppliers of business phone systems in the US and around the world, capturing a third of the global market.

With Nortel, video conferencing and remote presentations become as easy as picking up the phone.

With Nortel, video conferencing and remote presentations become as easy as picking up the phone.

Nortel Today

Unfortunately, the financial crash of 2008 (and the ensuing recession) hit Nortel harder than their competitors, and in 2009 the company was forced to file for protection from their creditors in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. In 2013 Nortel formally filed for bankruptcy, selling off its remaining stock to third party vendors. Nortel phone products still account for a large part of the business phone market, with units being sold on the secondary market (generally at significant savings for the buyer). While the parent company is currently in liquidation, Nortel products are still widely available from a network of telecom vendors, and they continue to have a major presence in business phone marketplace.

Effective and Reliable Communications

Nortel has developed a wide range of office phone systems designed to seamlessly integrate into any business environment. Small to mid-sized businesses will find Nortel’s phone systems to be simple to install and operate on a budget, and employees will experience new found freedom and flexibility in their on-site and off-premise communications. Nortel’s office phone systems are full featured, supporting voice, video, and data transmission for multiple users in multiple locations. They are designed to fully integrate with legacy technology, allowing businesses to slave digital and computer networks to their existing telephone systems. Nortel’s business phone systems are based on a modular design, making them highly scalable so that they can grow along with the success of the business.

Feature-Rich Business Phone Systems

Nortel office phone systems deliver feature-rich communications support for businesses of all sizes. Multiple functions are intuitive and easy to use, allowing for greater flexibility and productivity in the workplace. The feature profile of a Nortel phone system is highly customizable, making it easy for business owners and office managers to configure their communications infrastructure to better suit their specific business model. In addition to standard legacy phone features, Nortel delivers a wide range of advanced options that promote greater office efficiency and improved customer service.

Owners of small to mid-sized businesses will find the following features to be of particular interest:

  • Call Waiting and Auto-Redirect
  • Overflow Call Routing
  • Programmable Ringtones (from High to Low Priority)
  • Programmable Auto Attendant
  • Group Listening
  • Multimedia Conferencing
  • Programmable Personalized Key Functions
  • Call Queuing
  • Call Pilot (Nortel’s exclusive voicemail feature)
  • Adjustable Privacy Settings for Outside Lines and On-Premise Conference Calls
  • Call Log for Tracking of Employee Usage Patterns
  • Call Monitoring and Recording
  • Password Protected Calling for Enhanced Security

A Diverse Selection of Phone Systems

Nortel has developed a wide range of business phone systems, all of which have been designed to enhance and support an efficient and productive workplace. Nortel’s phone systems come in a variety of sizes, and can be tailored to suit any office environment. Their modular design allows for easy scalability, making them ideal for small and growing businesses. Nortel’s office phone systems are highly versatile, and are compatible with most existing networks.

The following is a brief overview of the Nortel phone systems currently available for small to mid-sized businesses:

Nortel Norstar 3X8Nortel’s most basic system. Supports 3 incoming lines with up to 8 extensions. Fully compatible with both digital and analog terminals
Nortel Norstar CICSSIdeal for smaller businesses, this system supports between 4 and 8 incoming lines and up to 24 extensions. The system is VOIP ready, and allows for the full integration of computer and telephony networks.
Nortel Norstar MICSIdeal for the growing business, this VOIP ready system supports 24 incoming lines with up to 274 extensions. It is a fully unified communications solution, combining both computer and telephony service.
Nortel BCM 50All-in-one platform supports voice and data communications for up 50 users. Additional modules allow for easy expansion, serving up to 400 active stations.

Sales and Service

With Nortel’s North American divisions currently in liquidation, they can no longer act as the primary seller of their line of phone systems. Their existing stock has been sold off to independent vendors, who are now the sole source of Nortel products. These vendors typically offer both new and refurbished units, often at greatly reduced prices, making them particularly attractive to small businesses on a tightened budget. Customer service, product support, and warranties are the responsibility of the vendors themselves, and will likely vary depending on the seller.

Despite their ongoing bankruptcy, Nortel’s office phone systems still make up a large part of the business communications market. New and refurbished units are widely available, and offer an inexpensive gateway to a unified business communications network. Nortel’s product line has a long standing reputation for reliability, and their phone systems can be found in many businesses and corporations around the world. Owners of small to mid-size businesses will find that Nortel office phone systems deliver the communications solutions they need at a price that fits their budgets.

Buying a Nortel small business phone system gets you access to many help designing, implementing, managing, and supporting communication systems that will fit all your current and future needs. But despite all these benefits, there’s no guarantee that Nortel phones are the best for your particular business – it’s always best to get detailed proposals from several dealers so you can evaluate them on features, services, and total cost. Get multiple phone system prices from Nortel and other leading providers when you try our free phone system pricing tool.