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When contemplating the purchase of a telephone system by NEC, your options range from a traditional key phone system for small office to larger, server-based PBX systems, which offer the features that only large corporations could afford in the past.

Any telephone system by NEC will be low maintenance. Like many telecommunications companies these days, NEC understands that small businesses cannot afford to employ large information technology departments to maintain their communications systems.

In-skin cards

In-skin cards are NEC’s answer to prolonged and labor-intensive application upgrades: they allow companies to expand features as needed without the need for long implementation processes. Users can now add applications simply by installing an interface card. Businesses using NEC phone systems can add communication features such as voice mail, automatic call distribution systems, conference calling, and even voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) services easily and without expensive installation costs.

Bundled phone solutions

NEC phone systems also come in cost-effective, bundled solutions. These special telephone systems are designed and configured to meet the needs and growth of any small business. Since they are bundled, they offer a cost effective way to have innovative technologies without the high cost of implementation.

Eliminating Costly Office Equipment

NEC also offers business solutions for specific communication needs. A telephone system by NEC can now be configured with IP telephony technology, allowing you to communicate through the Internet globally, and at a lower cost than traditional landlines. NEC also offers business solutions for remote workers or home offices. Through the use of NEC’s document systems, digital faxing, copying, and network printing features can also be added to any NEC phone system, eliminating the need for additional costly office equipment.

Allow NEC to usher your office into the modern communication era. 36% of the average worker’s wasted time is spent trying to schedule meetings or contact coworkers.* NEC can help you get that time back.

NEC cloud computing

Office Phone Systems to Suit Every Business Model

NEC markets a full line of office phone systems designed to meet the needs of nearly every business model, from small enterprises to large corporations. Their introductory systems, providing support for between 4 and 64 phone lines, are highly scalable and can be expanded to grow with your business, ultimately servicing more than 500 terminals before it becomes necessary to upgrade to an entirely new system. NEC office phone systems are highly versatile, and can be tailored to support either IP and cloud based networks or traditional PBX telephone services.

Included in NEC’s broad line of products are the following office phone system platforms designed for use in small to medium sized businesses:

  • Univerge SV8100: Designed for small to medium sized businesses, this communications server supports both wired and wireless networks, and can expand to accommodate more than a hundred users. Embedded features include voicemail, unified messaging, and conferencing for up to 16 users at a time. Desktop terminals and softphones can be purchased separately.
  • Univerge SV8300: Better suited to medium or large sized operations, this server can support up to a thousand phone lines offering voicemail, unified messaging, conferencing, and video. It is fully compatible with both cloud-based and traditional PBX phone systems, or a hybrid of the two.
  • Univerge SV9100: NEC’s latest communications platform for small business comes complete with server and compatible handsets. Supports both wired and wireless networks, and can be configured to accommodate between 10 and 800 users. Can work as an IP system, digital PBX system, or a combination of both.
  • SL1000-1100 Communications System: Designed primarily for small businesses and/or home office environments. Reliable and easy to use, this system gives small business entrepreneurs the networking power of larger organizations. Supports both wired and wireless networks, with specific mobile applications for remote workers.

In addition to office networking systems, NEC produces a full line of desktop and softphone terminals designed to integrate smoothly with their proprietary office phone systems. NEC’s line of desktop digital phones and mobile handsets offer exceptional value, ergonomic styling, and highly customers features.

Advanced Features for Greater Productivity

NEC’s office phone systems for small business deliver a feature-rich communications environment that aids in the efficiency and productivity of any enterprise. Whether coupled to a traditional telephone network or harnessed to the cloud, NEC’s phone systems offer outstanding hardware and software features that deliver improved connectivity for you, your employees, and your customers.

Standout features of NEC office phone systems include:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Programmable auto-attendant allows for the creations of self service menus and customized messages to make it easier for callers to access the information they need
  • Call Screening: A virtual assistant announces callers, allowing you to accept or transfer the call as desired
  • Call Twinning: Assigned phone lines can be programmed to ring on multiple devices at the same time, ensuring that important calls are never missed during a busy work day
  • Smart Directories: Office directories can be accessed online, allowing for quicker access to colleague extensions
  • Call Recording: Calls can be recorded on demand, to be referenced at a later date for review or training purposes
  • Call Management: Place calls, schedule conferences, and monitor employee usage patterns through an easy to use online interface

Of course, all of NEC’s office phone systems support the traditional features that business owners expect from their communications networks, including:

  • Call Waiting
  • Call Transfer
  • Interoffice Intercoms
  • Voicemail
  • Caller ID
  • One Number Reach

End to End Support

One of the key features of any office phone system is the level of support that will be provided by parent company and its network of resellers. NEC provides end-to-end technical support through the National Technical Assistance Center (NTAC) and its authorized selling partners. Support is available at all stages of installation, configuration, and operation. Representatives are available both online and via phone to answer questions and troubleshoot any potential problems. Additional online resources provide answers to general information inquiries, as well as providing easy to understand tutorials and software updates for registered users.

Affordable Office Phone Solutions for Small Business

NEC office phone systems for small business are an affordable, and highly effective, solution to the data and communications demands of the modern marketplace. NEC’s single server technology and modular design keep installation and configuration costs well within the range of most small to medium sized operations. Moreover, the use of VOIP telephone protocols and cloud-based back-up keeps day to day operational costs to a minimum, saving users money on all of their local and long distance phone calls. Add to that the increased productivity and efficiency that NEC phone systems bring to the workplace, and you have a cost effective solution to all of your business’ communication needs.

An efficient and reliable communications network has never been more critical to the success of today’s entrepreneur, and more than ever before small to medium sized businesses are depending on their office phone systems to help them compete in a highly charged marketplace. If the time has come to replace your current office phone system, consider all of the available options and focus on the features your business needs to thrive. Look beyond initial costs, and compare and contrast what you are actually getting for your investment. Do the features offered provide the versatility your business needs at this moment? Will the optional system upgrades support your continued growth, or will you ultimately have to invest in yet another phone system? Finally, will you realize long term savings on the costs of operations, including voice and data services as well IT infrastructure? Remember, your communications network is the backbone of your business, and should be a conduit to enhanced productivity and ongoing success.

NEC offers you the opportunity to cut implementation and hardware costs while installing a technologically advanced communication system. From office key phone systems to all-in-one communication solution bundles, NEC provides products that will grow with your business.

Despite all these benefits, there’s no guarantee that that a telephone system by NEC is the best choice for your particular business – it’s always best to get detailed proposals from several dealers so you can evaluate them on features, services, and total cost. Use our pricing tool to get prices on any telephone system by NEC, and compare to other major brands.