Why Your Business Phone System Needs an Upgrade

Telephone technologyThe marks of a bad company phone system are easy to identify. Callers lose contact with operators, botched call transfers create customer frustration, and sometimes voice mail boxes are full and waste the time of every party concerned. It’s as unprofessional as can be. These flaws do irreparable damage to businesses that depend on customers to survive. However, a number of solutions at your disposal can make this problem go away quickly and affordably. Here are three reasons to upgrade your business phone system to a superior model:

Customer Service Improves Overnight

The problems with older phone systems are well-documented. Customers are lost in a maze of transfers at times, while dropped calls and shoddy connections are often the norm. These flaws lose customers for businesses every day, and the only way to turn the problem around is to upgrade your system.

Once you have staff accurately reading and circulating calls, your business gives off an impression of efficiency and competence, which makes a big impact. Your clients will be happier, and therefore easier to retain. Companies that field hundreds of calls every day can’t do without a modern system.

Staff Mobility Becomes Easier to Manage

Modern business practices dictate that employees won’t be available to field calls in the office at all times. Whether they work from home on certain days, or leave the office to handle sales presentations, it adds to the professionalism of your company when calls reach employees throughout business hours on the same line.

This upgrade is achieved by synchronizing work and mobile numbers, thereby transferring calls directly to an employee no matter where he or she is at the moment. It gives the appearance of total company cohesion during a day’s work. Most importantly, it helps keep employees in touch with customers.

Security and Virus Protection Are Built In

Many companies have been burned on security issues in the past. One of the best reasons to upgrade your business phone system is the increase in protection for customers’ information. Security programs have solved the major threats to companies and are constantly working on anticipating troubles on the horizon. Many modern phone systems are proprietary and are highly resistant to viruses. Providers schedule automatic updates whenever there are improvements to a system, which keeps the latest security on your phone network at all times.

In many cases, companies aren’t aware of how flawed their phone system is until the entire platform crashes, as has happened to countless businesses over the years. Working without phones for several days could lead to innumerable lost customers and missed opportunities.

The solutions offered by modern phone providers represent the upgrade you need, without turning your budget upside down. Now that the path toward better customer service is clear, can your business afford not to upgrade?